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Paths to Adventure

Paths 2

Every journey and every adventure begins with a single step along some kind of path. We may not know where they will take us or what trials and rewards they will present us with, but we can be certain that starting out along one of them will open up a myriad of possibilities.

Local Colour

Local Colour 2

One thing that makes any journey interesting is observing how the communities we come across live. Learning about local culture through traditions, customs, dress, food, drink, and typical lifestyle practices leads to more empathy, knowledge, and broader cultural horizons.

Flora & Fauna

Flora & Fauna 2

Despite our variety, humans are just one of the species that inhabit this amazing planet. Encounters with some of Earth’s other living organisms—be they sentient or not—can lead to renewed appreciation for the vast amount of biological diversity we share our home with.


Landscapes 1

The world is full of dramatic landscapes and vistas. Regardless of an adventure’s goal or a journey’s intended destination, taking the time to consider the awe-inspiring scenery can provide us with moments of peaceful solitude, quiet contemplation, and uplifting wonderment.


Mountains 2

The might and majesty of mountains are unbeatable but their summits can be conquered. Traversing them cultivates determination and focuses the mind on the simplicity of moving forward to greater heights. Once attained we gain perspective and a sense of achievement.


Beaches 11

Whether visited as a respite midway through a journey or as a reward at the end, nothing quite comes close to a perfect beach in projecting an aura of refreshing idyllic tranquility. They are ideal places to rest and relax—even if only for the sake of recharging for the next adventure.

Sunrises & Sunsets

Sunrises & Sunsets 9

No sunrise or sunset is exactly the same as another. Charting the mesmerizing gradations of colour that lead to twilight is a thoroughly satisfying way to cap off a hard day of adventuring. Catching the brightening hues of a new day’s dawn fills us with energy for the journey ahead.

Ancient Ruins & Monuments

Monuments & Ruins 25

Spread across the globe are outstanding monumental remains of past civilizations. Having withstood the ravages of time, they hint at the knowledge and skills of our ancestors, and serve as a powerful, mysterious, and thought-provoking testament to our collective human history.

British Colonial Architecture

British Colonial Architecture 9

During the height of the British Empire explorers ventured to foreign lands to fill in uncharted areas on maps as whole countries were claimed, administered, and exploited in the name of progress. Poignant reminders of this era may still be found in the British-influenced architecture.

Spanish Colonial Architecture

Photo31_31 - Copy

As a global power before other European states, Spain was at the vanguard of world exploration as it established trade routes, spread religious beliefs, staked claim to various territories, and decimated indigenous civilizations. Its legacy can also be seen in surviving examples of architectural style.

Art & Statuary

Art & Statuary 17

Whether millennia, centuries, or decades old, works of art—be they beautiful, inspiring, humbling, or frightening—provide us with a window of opportunity through which to gain an understanding of the beliefs, ideals, and aspirations of their creators, and the societies they belonged to.

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