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The Call of Adventure

From the beginning of recorded history adventurers and explorers of all types and creeds have followed their inner call to escape daily routine and get out to create their own ripping yarns of excitement and intrigue. On the way to whatever goal they hoped to attain they saw a multitude of amazing things, experienced innumerable hardships, and created some of the most wonderful stories to pass down to future generations.

The main aim of this website is to bring together in one place all things related to the excitement, wonder, mystery, and romance of classic adventure. Our latest posts section includes articles ranging from opinion pieces to information on real-life travel accounts. Our photo galleries consist of a set of thematically arranged albums representing just some of the things one may encounter on an adventurous journey.

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Escape & Adventure also features short summaries of recommended literary works and novels, including ancient epics, the best examples of the late nineteenth century’s lost world genre, and more modern action-packed blockbusters. Furthermore, one can find a select list of adventure film viewing suggestions taken from the annals of movie history and in-depth retrospectives of exceptional video games that provide great opportunities to escape and immerse oneself in the very best digital adventures.




The Adventure so Far

The creator and founder of Escape & Adventure has had a passion for all the above since childhood, which when combined with a fair amount of travel during his formative years led to a deeper and more profound interest in the subject matter. This resulted in the decision to undertake his university studies in ancient history and archaeology, where he was able to embark on foreign study tours to world wonders and participate in international archaeological excavations.

After graduating with his honours degree, he spent several years working for a national governmental body tasked with protecting and conserving his country’s tangible and intangible heritage. Becoming restless to leave his home shores for a longer period to experience more adventures around the globe, he has enjoyed the past fifteen years living overseas and travelling extensively to visit some of the most amazing ancient human-built sites and spectacular places of dramatic natural beauty that our precious planet offers.

Onward and Upward

Over the last couple of decades a great deal has changed with how people spend their leisure time, particularly due to the continuing speedy advancement of the digital revolution. With current technology we have an almost unlimited array of options available to help fill our time. This has brought a vast amount of benefits, and a wealth of opportunities and enjoyment, but it also serves to limit us in some ways by shifting our attention to the instant yet often temporary gratification it provides at the expense of the personal development, true happiness, and long-lasting satisfaction generated by getting up, getting out, and experiencing the very best of the real world.

Escapism through media such as adventure films and video games certainly has value, which is why such vicarious recommendations are featured on this website, but instead of merely thinking of them as temporary diversions perhaps we can use the stories they tell as sources of inspiration to fuel our own real-life journeys and adventures.

On this planet there are some breathtaking places to visit, astounding things to see, fascinating historical stories to discover, and cracking adventures to have. Our hope is that the content of this website encourages people to remember that, and also reminds them that the beauty of both our natural world and built heritage is worthy of their attention, care, and protection. In return they will surely be rewarded with fresh insights, new knowledge, rich experiences, personal growth, and invaluable memories.

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